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A place for Brides and Vendors to find each other quickly when the worst happens

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Oh no!! Your wedding vendor has just cancelled on you leaving you scrambling to find a replacement. We can help. We will match you with a new vendor that is available for your big day.


The day no vendor wants to arrive is here. You have fallen sick or have a family emergency and you have to cancel on your bride. We can help. We will find a replacement vendor for you.

how we help



Email us the details at

-Date and time you need to be ready by


-Type of service (hair, makeup, or both)

-Number of people needing the service

We will do all the behind the scenes work and match you with a vendor available for your date. We know this is a panic situation and we do our best to give you a response as soon as possible.

We charge one simple rate and require full payment to book once we find a vendor that works for your wedding. We pay the vendor on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about payment the day of your wedding. 100% of the gratuity (optional) goes directly to the vendor that worked at your wedding.

Current vendor replacement services offered

Hair Stylists


makeup artists

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Currently accepting makeup artists and hair stylists